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Dracula Untold (2014) Full movie

Release :
Runtime :
92 min.
Genre :
Horror, Action, Drama, Fantasy, War
Production :
Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Fuji Television Network, Dentsu, Michael De Luca Productions
Cast :
Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Art Parkinson, Charles Dance, Diarmaid Murtagh, William Houston, Noah Huntley, Ronan Vibert, Zach McGowan, Ferdinand Kingsley, Joseph Long, Thor Kristjansson, Jakub Gierszał, Dilan Gwyn, J.J. Murphy, Paul Kaye, Joana Metrass
Crew :
Gary Shore, Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless, Bram Stoker, Michael De Luca, Ramin Djawadi, John Schwartzman, Richard Pearson, John Hubbard, Ros Hubbard, François Audouy, Paul Inglis, Heather Greenlees, David Doran, Elaine Kusmishko, Luigi Marchione, Michael Turner, Paki Smith, Ngila Dickson, Ana Lozano, Joe Hopker, Joe Hopker, Tapio Salmi, Beverley Binda, Jessica Derhammer, Kirsty Vogel, Jordana Finkel, Aine Smith, Beverley Crockard, Rohan Harris, Andrew Ackland-Snow, David A. Cohen, Daniel Saxlid, John C. Stuver, John T. Cucci, Dan O'Connell, Chris Hogan, Mervyn Moore, Christopher Assells, Ann Scibelli, Peter Staubli, Jon Title, William R. Dean, Frank A. Montaño, Jon Taylor, Tim Stevenson, Ben Lambert, Nicolas Hernandez, Simon Scott, Fiona Campbell Westgate, Sara Bennett, Scott M. Davids, Matt Kasmir, Christian Manz, Ivan Moran, Glen Pratt, Peter Pedrero, Buster Reeves, Cosmo Campbell, Patrick Loungway, Pete Cavaciuti, Jasin Boland, Richard Philpott, John Mathieson, Paul Edwards, Lizzie Kelly, Ian Franklin, Rachael Webb-Crozier, Erik Rogers, Rudy Lopez, Carlton Kaller, Ravi Dube, Kathleen Weir, Sasha Gibson, Mally Chung, Greg Burridge
Vote Average:
6.1 Count: 1644
Overview :
Vlad Tepes is a great hero, but when he learns the Sultan is preparing for battle and needs to form an army of 1,000 boys, including Vlad's son, he vows to find a way to protect his family. Vlad turns to dark forces in order to get the power to destroy his enemies and agrees to go from hero to monster as he's turned into the mythological vampire Dracula.
Keyword :
vampire, dracula, battle, 15th century, ottoman empire, vlad

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Dear Friends,

I am so happy right now after reading almost all your reviews that all we know: During Ottoman times All of the nations the Ottomans governed They just became slaves of Turkish people and never had the opportunity to be an administrator. They spoke Turkish and they practiced only the Islam and now it is the same. And also they passed the last one hundred years with complete peace and freedom after they liberated themselves from the Ottomans. We the Turks were always the barbarians and always will be. And we the Turks did nothing for the Civilization.

Just think about it.
I HATE melodramas and boy the over exaggerated emotions are flying through this whole movie.

But the movie really died for me when Vlad kills like 10 turks by himself before he even becomes infected. The stupid, childish, lord of rings action with 0 realism doesn't impress me or interest me at all.

I did enjoy Tywin Lannister as the creature who infects Vlad, but that short scene cant save a whole cgi trash movie! This movie felt A lot like a made for TV movie, no realism, bad guys are bad, good guys can explain away their mistakes like butchering towns like its no big deal.

The required made for TV line: "now its time to play the game!" response by good guy: "this isn't a game!". I almost puked at how over used this trash is.

Summary: avoid it unless you are really stupid, then its on your level.
History can't be change with lies, you can just masturbate.

Scenario have full of racism and lie.

It is really interesting that you think you need to sell honor, soul, everything for defeating Turks.

This give help no one that abusing racism, telling lie about history and slandering about a nation great people. For me the story writer have no differentness from members of ISIS and the other terror organization about damaging the peace.

Don't forget that every action cause reflection. I hope this will end of the series and you will apologize for manipulating the history.
This re-imagined origin of the blood-sucking vampire Dracula is based on a real historical character Vlad the Impaler. He is a valiant prince of Transylvania. The cruel Sultan Mehmed of Turkey demands from Vlad 1,000 male children to join his ruthless army, and that should include Vlad's only son. Pushed to the wall to defend his son and people, Vlad was forced to turn to the dark side. He sought the powerful intercession of the Master Vampire to turn himself into a monster which could strike extreme fear in his enemies in order to overcome and defeat them.

This film has a historical graphic novel look and feel, like many popular films nowadays, much like the "300" films. The computer- generated effects were quite well done. The battle scenes were quite stylishly shot, without excessive blood and gore. There are also some nifty-looking fantasy shots, like the Master Vampire's memorable tongue scene. The vampire transformation scenes were also quite effective.

Luke Evans has a nobility in his look and stance that makes him a good choice for this interpretation of Vlad. Vlad here is a good man who had to sacrifice his own soul to the devil in order to save his family and country, and Evans was able to give a balanced portrayal of this conflicted character. He recently had an intense turn in the small slasher film "No One Lives", and that intensity also served him well here as Vlad. We had seen this Welsh actor in more mainstream hit films like the last "Fast and Furious" film, as well as the last "Hobbit" film, so his career is well on the rise.

The rest of the supporting actors did their best on what basically were one-dimensional roles. The beautiful wife MIrena as played by the ravishing Sarah Gadon is ever loving and loyal. The Sultan as played by a sinister Dominic Cooper is brutish and violent. It was very good to see two members of the Game of Thrones cast in this film. The formidable Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister on GoT) played the Master Vampire as pure evil. Young Art Parkinson (Rickon Stark on GoT) played Vlad's son Ingeras.

As a whole this film was adequately diverting and entertaining, though not exactly outstanding in any particular way. I do hope this Dracula gets the sequel it promised at the end of this film. I admit I am curious on how this new Dracula would fare as a good guy in more modern times. 5/10.
Does not need to write a lot of failed movies 1) RACISM 2) OK, this is a fantasy film, but extremely distorted historical facts 3) There are unnecessarily hostile attitude towards Turks and Ottoman Empire 4) was very bad pronunciation in Turkish dialogue. unfortunately it just was able to understand who knows the Turks language. so we concluded that enough attention is paid to movie

Van Damme's 1996 revenue made me think of the movie called The Quest of seeing such films. We used in many Hollywood movies, wine, depicted in the image Persians Turkish characters in this time we encounter as the make-up. A fiasco character and attitude reflect the fact that the facial features such as Faith's armor. Vlad is literally opposite the characters in the image resembles a lot with Vlad in history. Aka Vlad the Voyva the date on cruel and barbaric, the undersigned under the death in her heyday movie 'oh dear how helpless man is in self-sacrifice, if only to get everyone going to be good Dracula' deserves to be extremely victims portrays the desperate fairy godmother. Scenarios and characters are exaggerated so that those left will end with the death of the Conqueror's history so far. Now, some of my review out 'this is not a date movie that fantasy fiction film which is normal for what you expect,' 'can say. But this movie is full of many-membered containing anti-Turkish sympathies far from fantastic film innocence. 300 Spartans' t think it was like a rematch against Iran. Or the American flag visualize the many Hollywood movie hero soldiers killed in Baghdad how bad rescued in Afghanistan t innocent right? How Vlad killed Faith example! Here is the world's countries, an indication of the extent to which some of the major economies in the ranking to examine evaluated independently from America's Hollywood movie industry to take part in the summit as the 5th economy. This highly effective visual sector to consider the impact on the people. How are they sending messages to our subconscious! Science fiction or fantasy you intend to increase the extent you miss the measure does not matter innocence will emerge. Vlad Dracula, also had their share of that whopping.
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